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Data Centre Starters

08 Feb 2024

With support from the Commonwealth Government, NABERS is pleased to offer a new opportunity designed to support data centres in Australia to measure and improve their environmental performance. 

Data Centre Starters 

The Data Centre Starters grant program seeks to encourage data centre building owners to begin measuring and managing their energy performance with NABERS. This includes providing financial incentives for buildings that have never been rated with NABERS before or have not had a certified NABERS Energy rating since February 2018.  

 Under the grant program, data centre owners will receive a financial contribution of up to $8,000 (excluding GST) towards associated NABERS rating administration fees and Assessor fees for the customer’s first rating, an action plan, and a second rating.  

Offer Details 

Eligible applicants will be provided a total contribution of $8,000 (excl GST) per building per year, to be paid in the first year. Assessors are expected to provide building owners with a quote for a first and second rating as well as recommendations for energy efficiency improvements to help with the customer’s action plan. 

Grant Contribution Offer Inclusions
Data Centre Starters $8,000 (ex GST) 1st and 2nd year rating + action plan

How to Apply 

The first-round offer is open from 01 February 2024 to 30 April 2024 or until funding for this round is exhausted. 

To apply for the Data Centre Starters, seek a quote from an accredited NABERS Assessor for two ratings. The Assessor should email us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au with the subject line “Data Centre Starters” with the information detailed in the Conditions of Offer

 If you would like further information about this offer, please talk to a NABERS Assessor or contact the NABERS team

Further Information 

If you are an Assessor and would like to find out more information including details of how to apply for the offer on behalf of your customers, please email us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au

  • NABERS Fact Sheets: We also have a suite of NABERS fact sheets designed to help you communicate the many benefits of our rating system to colleagues, customers, and investors. 
  • NABERS Training: We have Assessor training available if you would like to pursue a new sector, tool or certification, like Residential Aged Care, Retirement Living, and Carbon Neutral.