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NABERS Embodied emissions initiative

28 Oct 2021


The NSW Government is funding the development of a world-leading framework for measuring, benchmarking and certifying emissions from construction and building materials. This initiative is part of the Accelerating Net Zero Buildings program, which also features workstreams focused on energy efficiency in new and existing buildings.

The framework will be nationally applicable, and developed with the aim of being incorporated into the NABERS suite. To achieve this, NSW will work in partnership with governments jurisdictions across Australia, as well as with industry organisations across the built environment. The framework will be designed to be aligned with other widely used building sustainability schemes, such as Green Star.

Focus areas

The embodied emissions stream under the Accelerating Net Zero Buildings program is focussing on two areas:

  • Market feasibility: Engaging key industry stakeholders such as property developers and construction companies, for problem analysis, concept prototyping and prototype testing. The outcome of this is expected to include concrete recommendations as to how emissions from construction materials could be incorporated into the NABERS program.
  • Technical analysis: Pursue developing the framework for measuring embodied emissions in buildings, in consultation with property owners, developers, ESD designers and lifecycle analysis experts.

Further information

If you would like to find out more, please email us at nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au.


Emissions from materials used in construction, such as steel and cement, are expected to become the largest source of carbon emissions in the building sector in the coming decades. Targeted action on reducing emissions from building materials is therefore crucial for NSW to meet its net-zero target by 2050.