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NABERS Embodied Emissions Public Consultation

11 December 2022

Australia currently has no consistent method of measurement for embodied emissions. Over 12 months, NABERS has worked in partnership with the GBCA and collaborated with industry and governments across Australia to understand the appetite for a standard for embodied emissions and the role of NABERS in administering that standard.

In developing this consultation paper NABERS has engaged with 207 individuals from 139 organisations across 38 workshops. The feedback from industry told us that NABERS has a clear role to play in accelerating efforts to reduce embodied emissions in Australia’s commercial building stock.

NABERS has published a consultation paper containing 10 proposals for feedback covering five topic areas:

  • Scope of the tool
  • Calculation method
  • Benchmarking
  • Certification Process
  • Future Development

The 10 proposals outline how a rating tool, which we are tentatively calling the NABERS Embodied Emissions tool, would measure, verify and compare embodied emissions in new buildings and major refurbishments.

NABERS is asking you to consider:


  1. How likely is your organisation to use or promote the use of a NABERS Embodied Emissions tool as outlined by the proposals in this consultation paper?
  2. What is working well in the proposals and should be retained in the final tool?
    NABERS wants to understand what you like, what works and how the recommended approach aligns with the tool’s objectives and market needs. It’s important we know what is working well so we can know which elements should be retained.
  3. Are there any risks to the proposed approach and what would help to overcome them?
    NABERS wants to understand any potential risks to the objectives and market needs. How might NABERS mitigate these risks if we proceed with the proposals in this paper?
  4. What should we consider in finalising this approach?
    Please note why these considerations are important in achieving the objectives and market needs.
  5. General feedback

Feedback can be provided to NABERS using the online survey form below. Please submit feedback by close of business 16th February 2023. This public consultation process aims to reach as many stakeholders as possible. We encourage everyone to share this paper with any interested parties.

Contact details

If you have any questions in relation to the consultation process or would like to be kept up to date with relevant communications, please contact:

Ivana Brown (Sector Lead – Accelerating Net Zero Buildings)

Webinar session with Q&A

NABERS will be hosting a Webinar in early 2023, details to follow.