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NABERS Minimum requirements for Climate Active Certification Ruling

01 Jun 2022

NABERS is pleased to announce the publication of the Minimum Requirements for Climate Active Certification Ruling v1.0.

The new Minimum Requirements for Climate Active Certification Ruling supersedes the minimum NABERS energy requirements outlined in the following elements of the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Buildings:

  • Section 2.4: REDUCE: Develop and implement an emissions reduction strategy.
  • Box 6: For buildings seeking carbon neutral certification through NABERS Energy or Green Star – Performance.

Key content

The features of this new Ruling include:

  • The minimum NABERS energy rating requirements for Climate Active carbon neutral certification
  • Guidance on alternative options for scenarios when the minimum NABERS energy rating requirements are not achieved, including commitments and public disclosure statements
  • A worked example to explore the pathway to achieving the minimum NABERS energy rating requirement.



The Ruling came into effect in June 2022. Ratings lodged on or after this date must comply with the new Ruling.

We recognise sites continue to provide unique and unusual scenarios for our Assessors with regards to their energy and water consumption treatment, particularly as developments become larger, more complex and mixed-use. Please contact NABERS if you require further clarification or guidance. Recurring scenarios may be considered in future revisions of the Ruling for further guidance and clarification.

Assessors are also directed to Section 1.3 of the Ruling, which outlines the avenue to propose an alternative methodology.


NABERS is committed to continuous improvement. We encourage open dialogue and feedback in relation to Rulings across all building types.

If you have any questions regarding the interpretation or application of the new Ruling, please contact nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au.