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NSW Offer 2020

04 Nov 2020

NABERS is excited to be launching a new offer exclusively to NSW building owners. Funded by the NSW Government, this offer means energy and carbon neutral ratings are now FREE for NSW customers for a limited time only.

The offer includes waiving BOTH the NABERS rating certification fee AND a significant financial contribution towards the associated Assessor fees for NSW buildings in specific sectors, up to a total value of over $7,000AUD ex GST.

The aim of the pilot project is to speed up the transition to net zero emissions buildings, with a specific focus on energy efficiency. The offer is initially targeting 2 key customer types:

  • Energy Starters - For buildings that are just getting started and have not rated with NABERS Energy before
  • Carbon Neutral Leaders - For buildings that are considering NABERS Carbon Neutral and have not achieved certification before. (Offer excludes the cost of carbon offsets).

So, whether you are new to measuring and managing with NABERS or have been rating for a while and are looking to increase your ambition, NABERS has support for you.

Talk to your NABERS assessor, see below or contact NABERS for more details on how to submit an application to this offer.

As of 8 March 2021, the initial pilot offer is now fully subscribed and we are no longer accepting applications. More rounds may be considered in future.

See the document links below for detailed conditions of offer.

  • We also have a suite of factsheets designed to help you communicate the many benefits of our rating system to colleagues, customers and investors

Assessors can find even more information and details on how to apply for the offer on behalf of their customers:

To note: this pilot is ONLY available to buildings in NSW.

Find out more about pricing and offers.