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Office Tenancies

About NABERS Tenancy ratings

Tenancy ratings are available for businesses to rate the space they occupy within their office building.

As a tenant, you can choose to have your tenancy rated via a standalone NABERS rating process or through NABERS Co-Assess. More information about both processes can be found below.

What is NABERS Co-Assess?

NABERS Co-Assess is a process that enables Tenancy energy ratings to be conducted alongside base building and/or whole building energy ratings in a single application. The tool has been designed to help building managers, building owners and tenants to better understand their energy use and work together to improve the performance of their building and tenancies.

You can find out more about Tenancy ratings by watching the video below:


Information for Tenants

The energy used by office tenancies can account for around 50% of the total office building’s energy use. NABERS has designed an application process that allows tenancies to be rated alongside the base building and/or whole building energy rating. This application process is called Co-Assess. The easiest way to get your tenancy rated is to contact your building manager and ask to participate in a NABERS Co-Assess application.

As a tenant, you can use the information provided by a NABERS rating to easily understand the performance of your office space and from here, find opportunities for improvement and save on electricity costs.

Information for Building Managers and Owners

Undertaking a Tenancy rating can help you better engage with your tenants and increase the level of service by offering one streamlined process for multiple ratings at the same property.

Preparing for your rating

As an office tenant, if rating through the NABERS Co-Assess process, you'll need to provide the following information to your building manager:

  1. Preceding 12 months of energy bills or energy consumption data
  2. Access to your tenancy (so a NABERS Accredited Assessor can verify the layout and conduct a compute count)

For more information about pricing, or to get started, contact your building manager.

As an office tenant, if you are rating as a standalone office tenancy (without the Co-Assess Application), please refer to the Preparing for an Office Rating Guide below.