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NABERS is broadening its recognition of renewable energy

News | 09 Jun 2022

How the NABERS Renewable Energy Indicator will help measure progress towards Net Zero

As more and more organisations commit to achieving net zero emissions, NABERS is evolving its Energy Rating to better recognise and reward the generation and purchase of renewable energy. This is in response to feedback from the market. The NABERS Renewable Energy Indicator (REI) will provide clear and transparent information on the NABERS rating certificate about the proportion of renewable energy used in the building.

About the NABERS Renewable Energy Indicator (REI)

The REI will be included in every NABERS Energy rating at no extra cost. It will provide an indication of how much of the energy used in a building comes from renewable sources. It will recognise a broad range of renewable energy sources such as GreenPower, onsite renewable energy, voluntary renewable energy purchases, as well as the existing level of renewables in the electricity supply from the grid.

There will be no change to how NABERS Energy ratings are calculated or how on-site renewable energy is treated. After two years, the REI will eventually replace the NABERS with GreenPower rating result.

Here’s an example of what the new NABERS rating certificate will look like:

REI Certificate

The REI has been developed in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders to provide the transparency and rigour associated with NABERS ratings. The methodology for treatment and recognition of renewable energy aligns with Climate Active carbon neutral certification.

It is currently in pilot phase, which has resulted in improvements in the data collection process and refinement of the rules. There was a high level of interest in the pilot and participants have been very positive about the process.

This new indicator has been designed to help ensure that tenants, customers and investors can transparently assess whether a building meets the sustainability credentials they are looking for. To get high scores, buildings will need to source renewable energy and get rid of any fossil fuels on site through electrification.

Monique Alfris, Head of Operations and Standards, NABERS

Next Steps

NABERS is targeting launch of the REI in early 2023. In the meantime, if you’d like to get involved or find out more, there are lots of options: