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NABERS to release a Renewable Energy Indicator

In December 2021, the NABERS National Steering Committee approved the development of a new indicator that will recognise and reward the generation and purchase of renewable energy. It will provide clear and transparent information on the NABERS rating certificate on the proportion of renewable energy used in the building.

The Renewable Energy Indicator (REI) will be launched later this year (2022) and will be provided for free with every NABERS Energy rating certified.  

To test this indicator and the associated documents, NABERS is launching a pilot program for 10 buildings to calculate their Renewable Energy Indicator and obtain a new certificate featuring their result.  

About NABERS Renewable Energy Indicator 

Once launched, the Renewable Energy Indicator will be included in every NABERS Energy rating. That means that the new indicator will be displayed on every NABERS Energy certificate.  

The indicator will recognise the following sources of energy as renewable energy:  

  • Renewable electricity from the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target and other State/Territory-based renewable energy targets (for example the retirement of LGCs on behalf of consumers in the ACT) 
  • GreenPower purchases  
  • Voluntary renewable energy purchases (through voluntarily surrendered LGCs)  
  • Onsite renewable electricity generated from small-scale and large-scale systems (if LGCs generated have been surrendered)

Please note that the above information is only applicable to the Renewable Energy Indicator. There will be no changes to the way NABERS Energy ratings are calculated and how on-site renewable energy is treated in ratings. 

After a two-year transition period, the indicator will eventually replace the NABERS Energy with GreenPower rating result. During the transition period, the NABERS Energy with GreenPower result will remain available in the rating report. 

Pilot Program: Renewable Energy Indicator

NABERS is excited to be launching a pilot program to test our new Renewable Energy Indicator. 

By participating in the pilot, building owners will have the opportunity to be one of the first organisations to obtain a Renewable Energy Indicator result. Participating companies will also have the opportunity to provide feedback to NABERS on how the indicator and associated documents and processes can be improved.  


The pilot program will be available to 10 buildings. Our objective is to select a range of buildings that source renewable energy in different way. The criteria to be eligible to participate in the pilot program:  

  • The building must be an office building or a shopping centre 
  • A maximum of 2 buildings per building owner company 
  • The rating must be lodged between 1 April 2022 and 31 May 2022  

Buildings participating in the pilot program will obtain the standard NABERS certificate and a new pilot certificate featuring the renewable energy indicator, which will be provided at the end of the pilot period. The building owner will be able to publicly disclose and promote their new certificate and Renewable Energy Indicator result.  

What does it cost to participate?  

Participating in the pilot is free, and the usual NABERS Energy rating administration fees will need to be paid.  

Once the Renewable Energy Indicator is officially launched, it will also be included as part of the NABERS Energy rating fees – there will be no additional fees to be paid to NABERS.  

What will assessors need to do?  

Assessors will need to follow these steps for the pilot program:  

  • Enter energy data as usual in NABERS Rate (for offices) or NABERS Perform (for shopping centres).  
  • Collect renewable energy data as per the Renewable Energy ruling (this will be provided to assessors participating in the pilot) 
  • Enter the data in the Renewable Energy Indicator calculator 
  • Lodge the rating as usual and send the Renewable Energy Indicator calculator via email to NABERS.  

How to apply  

To submit an application for the pilot, please send an email to the NABERS inbox (nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au) outlining your interest in participating in the pilot program and stating your eligibility. Please also indicate if any renewable energy is generated or purchased for the building. NABERS will contact you with additional information and next steps.

Further information

If you have any questions about the REI please contact Corine Mulet at corine.mulet [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: Renewable%20Energy%20Indicator) or 02 9995 6874.

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