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NABERS launches Energy ratings for Warehouses and Cold Stores

News | 28 Sep 2022

NABERS is expanding and we're excited to launch our energy rating tool for Warehouses and Cold Stores. This is a fantastic sustainability initiative to help the industry measure and manage these industrial buildings.

Warehouses and Cold Stores

The energy rating tool can rate the energy efficiency of warehouses, cold stores, and combined facilities. It provides an excellent benchmark for the industry to target higher standards in energy efficiency and a pathway to continuous emission reductions.

Warehouses and cold stores are key buildings in Australia’s economy and have been at the heart of the world’s response to the pandemic, as the backbone of the food supply chain, online shopping, and vaccine distribution.

NABERS undertook data collection from a range of warehouse and cold store owners and tenants on energy use, area or volume and operational factors. This data, provided by the industry, informed a building-specific benchmark that was piloted across 17 facilities in diverse climate zones. We consulted with providers, peak bodies, and experienced consultants, and used data gathered from more than 150 facilities to develop the energy ratings for these crucial sectors.

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