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New Waste rating for whole buildings

News | 13 Dec 2018

The NABERS Waste whole building rating for offices is now available. This new rating complements the existing NABERS Waste base building rating for offices.

What’s the difference between a base building and whole building Waste rating?

A base building Waste rating measures:

  • the core waste streams common to every building (e.g. general waste, mixed recycling, paper and cardboard)
  • any specialty waste streams provided by the building management (e.g. food waste and soft plastics)

A whole building Waste rating measures:

  • day-to-day waste produced in the building including different waste streams managed by tenants (e.g. secure paper bins and excess catering donated to charity).

What’s the benefit of getting a Waste rating?

A Waste rating helps you:

  • track and report improvements in recycling
  • compare your performance to similar buildings

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