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The NABERS Waste Rating measures and scores how well you manage waste generation and recycling in your building.

The Rating is supported by the Waste Manager Platform, an online service which allows building sustainability professionals to upload waste data and convert it into useful insights, including a NABERS rating out of 6.

About the Waste Rating

In June 2018, we launched a new method to rate the operational waste performance of office buildings. The rating assesses the recycling performance of an office building by comparing its recycling rate to an industry benchmark.

To obtain a rating, you need to upload 12 months of your operational waste data to the Waste Manager Platform.

The recycling rate calculation is affected by two audits:

  1. A contamination audit
  2. A site density audit

The platform applies a data uncertainty factor to this calculation to determine the final NABERS rating.

A building may achieve a better rating if its manager commissions audits by a NABERS Accredited Assessor, following the method set out in the NABERS Waste for Offices Rules

Mandatory waste types

In order to create a fair comparison between buildings the Waste Rating system recognises mandatory and optional types of waste. Data for mandatory waste types are required for a rating.

The mandatory types are:

  • General waste
  • Dry waste
  • Mixed recycling
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Organics
  • Glass

About the Waste Manager Platform

We developed an online platform to make it simpler, more streamlined and accessible for you to understand and improve recycling and waste to landfill.

The platform can be used to monitor:

  • the frequency of waste collections
  • how much is collected
  • the type of material that is picked up

Learn more about the Platform in this 90s explainer clip. 

Is my building eligible for a rating?

Currently, the Waste Rating method is only available for commercial office buildings. The online platform is available for office buildings, shopping centres, hotels and data centres. 

More info?

Learn more about the new Waste rating methodology in the Introduction to the Waste Rating Guide.

We have also created a Waste Platform User Support Kit. The kit contains support documents that can help users to:

  • Understand how to get a NABERS Waste rating
  • Sign up to the Waste Manager Platform
  • Register a building
  • Upload waste data to the Platform and;
  • How to assign an Assessor to complete a rating. 
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