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Office ratings are moving to NABERS Perform

News | 22 Feb 2023

NABERS Perform for Offices will soon be released! Perform will provide Assessors access to new technology, enabling faster and more efficient lodgement of NABERS ratings.

Through NABERS Perform, Assessors working with office ratings will be able to:

  • copy and paste large volumes of data straight from Excel 
  • identify and correct errors quickly and easily with real-time data validations
  • save time on Level 2 audits through easier communications and simplified steps
  • pre-fill data from the previous rating*
  • easily compare with the last rating data to detect inconsistencies and improve the quality of the ratings*

*Note: These features are only available from the second time you rate a building in Perform.

What is NABERS Perform?

Funded in partnership with the Commonwealth government, the development of NABERS Perform began in 2019, following extensive consultation and input from NABERS Assessors and customers with large-scale ongoing development planned.

Joining other sectors such as residential aged care and retirement living, shopping centres and more recently hotels, warehouses and cold stores, offices will soon experience improvements to the way they handle data and gain greater visibility of their ratings. This is a significant update from current platforms such as Rate and Members.

Benefits to customers

NABERS Perform provides quick access to rating data, it’s easy to use, and reduces the amount of manual data input, enabling Assessors to complete ratings in less time.

The easy access to rating data means customers will benefit from even higher quality ratings, and this data can help the industry to learn and adapt for future improvements.

New features available in Perform

  • Previous rating summary data: When you start a new rating in Perform, you will now be able to see data from a previous rating. This includes summary data, for example: total area, or total number of parking spaces; characteristics that are unlikely to change much, such as lists of meters and tenancy names. Note: This data will only be available once a premises has been rated in Perform for the second time.
  • Cross-check and compare ratings: This will streamline the rating process, making it easier to cross-check this year's rating against previous data and understand where there are differences or things you should ask the customer about. It also helps improve rating accuracy, by building a better understanding of the premises over time.
  • Manage customer data: It is important that you add appropriate customer contacts to your ratings, so they can see the information that helps them manage their buildings, and so they have oversight of who can access their data. When you add the customer to a rating, they can see everything you can see (they cannot edit the rating data).
  • Improved Level 2 audit processes: All communications are within Perform, making the audit details and progress clearer and more transparent. The information you provide will be visible to both auditors and NABERS. That information will be considered in determinations so that the Right of Reply is part of the audit process rather than an additional separate phase.

When will the transition take place?

The transition of NABERS Offices to Perform will coincide with the launch of the Renewable Energy Indicator on 6 June 2023. 

ASSESSORS, PLEASE NOTE: Draft ratings can still be lodged in Members before the release of Perform for Offices. After launch on 6 June 2023, Office ratings will need to be lodged in Perform with renewable electricity page completed.

For further information, please contact nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au.

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