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Metering and Consumption Rules

This NABERS Metering and Consumption Rules is a standalone Rule document that covers the topics of energy & water metering systems and the treatment of consumption data from these systems.  

Key content 

  • Defining the difference between Utility Metering systems and Non-Utility Metering systems. 

  • Treatment of metering consumption data from both types of systems. 

  • Validation of Non-Utility Metering systems. 

  • Small end use estimation. 

  • Treatment of batch supplied energy and water sources. 


As per the new NABERS document structure, these Rules are to read in conjunction with sector specific Rules. The NABERS Metering and Consumption Rules currently compliments the following sector specific Rules: 

As the Energy & Water Rules for other existing and new sectors are developed or updated, they will also reference the Metering and Consumption Rules. 

Assessors should regularly review the contents of this page for future updates. 

Minor Update & Transition Period 

On the 1 August 2021, a minor update (v1.3) of these Rules was released. 

The purpose of the update was to prepare the document for referencing in the new NABERS Energy & Water for Residential Aged Care & Retirement Living Rules. No technical changes were made, with all changes either clarifications or editorial changes. 

As there are no technical changes, a short transition period has been implemented that will end on 30 August 2021. While in transition, either Version 1.2 or Version 1.3 may be used.  

From the 30 August 2021, only Version 1.3 may be used.  

If you have any questions regarding the transition period, please contact nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au


The NABERS team has released the 'Metering and Consumption’ course on the NABERS Learn platform. For more information, please visit https://www.nabers.gov.au/training


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