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NSW Government Offer: Energy & Water Starters and New Buildings


The NSW Government will fund initiatives to drive new buildings towards high energy performance and reduce emissions in existing buildings. These initiatives build on the wide reach and effectiveness of the NABERS program and are part of the NSW Government’s Accelerating Net Zero Buildings program. The program also features a workstream focused on embodied emissions in new buildings. You can read about other workstreams under this NSW initiative here. In addition, DPE Water is supporting the Water Starters program to encourage new participation in NABERS Water ratings and water efficiency engagement.

These initiatives are for a limited time period. They are part of a new program run by the NSW Government, and its financial incentives are therefore only available to buildings in NSW.

Energy and Water Starters stream

This stream will focus on helping owners of existing NSW buildings that are in the early stages of their energy and water efficiency journey. This includes providing financial incentives for buildings to receive their first-ever NABERS Energy and Water ratings, and to embed a culture of measurement, and annual improvement of energy and water performance.

Under this stream, the NSW government will provide a financial contribution of up to a total value of $3,000 AUD ex GST towards energy ratings and an action plan. The Water Starters offer, funded by DPE Water, is an additional contribution of $1,000 AUD ex GST towards NABERS Water ratings. A $500 regional booster is available to non-metropolitan areas. This total contribution of $4,500 per building can be used towards administration and Assessor fees in specific sectors (see ‘Conditions of offer’ for more details), to support customers to get their first rating, action plan, and second rating.

How to apply

Round Two of the Energy and Water Starters offer opens on 18 July 2022 and closes on 20 December 2022 or until funding for this round is exhausted. Talk to a NABERS Assessor and see the document links below for detailed conditions of the offer.

New Buildings stream

This stream provides incentives for NSW developments committing to high energy performance using NABERS Commitment Agreements. Incentives under this stream will include NABERS Commitment Agreement fee waiver for buildings committing to energy performance targets beyond those required by the building code.

Under this stream, NSW Government will provide a financial contribution of up to a total value of $7,465 AUD inc GST. This contribution will waive the Commitment Agreement fee.

How to apply

Round Two of the New Buildings offer opens on 18 July 2022 and closes on 20 December 2022 or until funding for this round is exhausted. Please apply by following the process for Commitment Agreements here

Further information

If you would like to find out more, please email us at nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: ANZB%20enquiry) .

We also have a suite of factsheets designed to help you communicate the many benefits of our rating system to colleagues, customers, and investors 

Assessors can find even more information and details on how to apply for the offer on behalf of their customers by contacting nabers [at] environment.nsw.gov.au (subject: ANZB%20enquiry) .

We have Assessor training available if you would like to pursue a new sector, tool or certification, like Residential Aged Care, Retirement Living, and Carbon Neutral.