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Build your sustainability strategy

Now that you know the baseline operational data for your building you can plan to improve it over the coming years.

Ask your assessor to identify areas for improvement and associated cost savings so you can plan both cost-effective short-term projects and more cost-intensive long-term goals.

It’s important to have everyone on board for such an important task. Ensure your sustainability goals are incorporated in your:

  • corporate policies, board papers, business cases
  • key performance indicators for relevant staff members
  • 10-year capital expenditure plans
  • procurement specifications
  • marketing and communication campaigns.

For larger projects, consider your budget cycles and constraints and set some interim targets. While your 10-year goal may be a 6-star rating, your shorter-term goals may lead to half-star progressions. Don’t forget to quantify the potential savings for these projects and include it in your budget.