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Share your results

Congratulations on obtaining a NABERS rating – we know it takes commitment to get your first one. The good news is it’s easier from here on in.

If your rating was above average, shout it from the rooftops! There is plenty you can do to celebrate your achievement and encourage others to do the same (see Promote your sustainability credentials).

If your rating was below average you may not feel like shouting it from the rooftops, in fact, you may want to hide it in a cupboard. A low rating isn’t a bad thing, it means that you have a bigger opportunity to save when making changes around your building or office. It’s good to use this as an opportunity to tell everyone how you plan to improve in the future.

Experience has shown that when committed to rating every year with NABERS:

  • office buildings reduce their energy consumption on average by 35% and their CO2 emissions by almost 50% – some buildings have reduced energy consumption by 75–80%
  • shopping centres reduce their energy consumption on average by 24% and their CO2 emissions by 34%
  • water usage reduces on average by about 9%.

For building owners, knowledge about your building’s performance can lead to improvements that reduce operating costs, increase market value, increase rental income and reduce vacancy rates. High performing buildings attract high performing tenants.

If you’re a tenant, join forces with your landlord to ensure your building continues to provide a comfortable, healthy, waste-conscious, and energy- and water-efficient environment.

Here's the Brand Toolkit for Customers to start using the NABERS logos in your reporting.