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NABERS FY22 Annual Report reveals growth in customers, ratings and sector influence

News | 01 Nov 2022

NABERS has stepped up the pace, and attracted new customers, increased non-mandated ratings, expanded into new sectors and laid the foundations for the next stage of growth, according to the NABERS FY22 Annual Report.

NABERS has saved a cumulative 9.9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions in two decades. But as Director Carlos Flores notes, the achievements of the last 12 months have also “laid the foundations for an industry moving towards decarbonisation at speed and scale”

Key highlights from the FY22 Annual Report include:

  • 14% of customers were new to NABERS
  • 12.5% growth in shopping centre ratings 
  • 72% increase in Waste for Offices ratings 
  • 81% increase in Carbon Neutral ratings  
  • 34% increase in Indoor Environment ratings 
  • 12.5% increase in voluntary/non-mandated ratings. 
NABERS FY22 Annual Report Results

Acknowledging the 14% growth in new NABERS customers, Francesca Muskovic, Stakeholder Chair and National Policy Director at the Property Council of Australia, said the achievement “speaks to the diligent and intentional approach of the team to expand into new sectors and deepen coverage of NABERS’ existing tools”.

Rating tools for  warehouses and cold storage were developed during the financial year, and work on rating tools for schools and retail stores also gathered pace. The NABERS Waste verification tool was also expanded into a wider range of sectors – from corrective services to data centres, hotels to apartments – to better measure and manage waste.

NABERS continues to grow its international footprint, with the first office building certified under the NABERS UK rating tool achieving an impressive 4.5 star NABERS Energy rating. NABERS Energy for Offices ratings grew by 81% in New Zealand, while a new international guide, Energy efficiency in commercial buildings, was released to introduce the suite of ratings to policymakers and sustainability professionals overseas.

NABERS FY22 Annual Report Results

The FY22 Annual Report also outlines the important building blocks laid by the NABERS team to support the decade of decarbonisation. A 10-building pilot of the new Renewable Energy Indicator was undertaken as the first step to systematically encourage and reward electrification. A new national framework for embodied carbon, now in development, will provide a collective platform for robust, long-term and large-scale reduction of embodied emissions. 

During FY22, NABERS “built momentum”, Director Carlos Flores notes. “Next year we can move further and faster than we did last year. We look forward to stepping up the pace together.”

Read the full NABERS FY22 Annual Report.

NABERS FY22 Annual Report Results