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NABERS Perform for Offices launches today

News | 06 Jun 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of NABERS Perform for Offices. This significant upgrade aligns with our strategy to continue enhancing our technology, allowing for faster and more efficient rating management.

Office building ratings will now join other sectors including residential aged care and retirement living, shopping centres, hotels, warehouses and cold stores, as NABERS continues to expand the platform to serve every major building type.

We’re really excited to launch NABERS Perform for Offices, in line with our commitment to continuous technological improvement. This is the result of close collaboration with our Assessors and customers, who have helped us set a clear vision for how NABERS should use technology to help buildings move towards a sustainable future.

Carlos Flores
Director, NABERS

Fast-tracking to net zero 

The NABERS Perform platform marks one of the most radical improvements to NABERS since the program began, recognising the role technology plays in the transition to net zero. Funded in partnership with the Commonwealth Government, its development began in 2019, following extensive consultation and input from NABERS Assessors and customers with large-scale ongoing development planned. 

The transition of NABERS Offices to Perform coincides with the launch of the Renewable Energy Indicator, a new tool that provides clear and transparent information about the proportion of the building’s energy that comes from on-site renewable energy generated and offsite renewable energy procured.

Perform for Offices 

Making the user experience even easier, this is by far the largest sector that has been transitioned from NABERS Rates and Members to NABERS Perform. 

Through NABERS Perform, Assessors working with Office ratings will immediately be able to:  

  • Copy and paste data straight from Excel.  
  • Improve customer access to rating data. 
  • Check and correct errors quickly and easily with real-time data validations. 
  • Experience an enhanced Level 2 audit process that is clearer, more transparent and efficient.

And once a building has been rated using Perform, additional features include: 

  • Having pre-filled information, preventing entry errors by removing the need to manually enter data. 
  • Capacity to compare existing with previous rating data to detect inconsistencies and improve the quality of the ratings. 

The easy access to rating data means increased transparency, with customers benefitting from even higher quality ratings, helping the industry to learn and adapt for future improvements. 

For further information you can check out a recording of the Office to Perform Introduction for Assessors or contact nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au