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Global guide: Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

27 Jun 2022

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings: how NABERS transformed the market 

With impressive impact over almost 25 years, NABERS demonstrates how multifaceted government and industry collaboration can drive genuine market transformation. 

Those who use NABERS Energy ratings in Australia have saved an estimated AU$1 billion in energy costs and driven down greenhouse gas emissions in the commercial building sector by more than seven million tonnes since 1998. 

About this guide 

Lead author – Bruce Precious 

This guide outlines the key success factors of NABERS Energy ratings in Australia. It explains why the NABERS suite of ratings for different building types has achieved significant market penetration and why NABERS is now recognised as a key pillar of the property industry’s transition to net zero emissions. 

There are valuable insights for a range of professionals worldwide, from industry participants and policymakers to investors, from sustainability advocates to energy program managers. The guide is relevant for anyone interested in best practice and solutions which can powerfully enhance energy efficiency and reduce emissions. 

Unmistakeable impact of NABERS Energy 

NABERS Energy has transformed how commercial buildings are managed and ultimately how they perform. This transformation has uncovered new value for investors, owners, managers, occupants and the industry of supporting services. NABERS is a proven, flexible model with application in any market where the energy efficiency of commercial property is valued as a positive contribution to society. If it gets measured, it gets managed. 

The English language version was published on May 2022 and launched at the Energy Efficiency Council conference 25 May 2022: 

The German language version was published on June 2022 and launched at the DENEFF conference 29 June 2022: