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NABERS Energy and Water for Offices Rules

06 Jun 2023

The NABERS Energy and Water for Offices Rules are used by Assessors to rate the energy and water performance of office buildings.

NABERS ratings must be performed by a NABERS Accredited Assessor and comply with the quality standard set in the principles and rules for gathering, interpreting and using data.

The latest version of the Energy and Water for Offices Rules is v5.1.

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    What's new in this version?

    All changes are itemised in Appendix D for easy reference.

    Major changes from version 4.1:

    • Prioritisation of an Owner/Tenant Agreement (OTA) as the preferred method for determining rated hours for all rating scopes.
    • An allowance for virtual site visits when certain criteria are met.
    • Changes to how data is collected and reported to align with the transition of Offices ratings to the NABERS Perform platform.

    Minor changes in version 5.1:

    • Some additional minor changes to v5.0 have been made throughout v5.1. These changes are to improve clarity only, and it is not expected they will impact the rating process. There is no transition period for version 5.1 to come into effect.